Residential and Office building in Doža Đerđa street in Grbavica


32 Doža Đerđa street

An ideal location if you wish to live in close proximity to everything a city life can offer. Sonja Marinković primary school, Liman fresh produce market, and Futog park are close by, and Promenada and Merkator shopping malls, as well as Spens center, are a mere 10 minutes walking distance away.

You’ll be surrounded by two boulevards and the Futog road, meaning you’d be about 10 minutes away from any notable location in Novi Sad.

And thanks to the excellent quality soundproofing, upon return to your apartment, you won’t even be aware of the nearby traffic.


Even though this location is surrounded by busy, high traffic streets, inside your home you’ll be protected from the noise thanks to first-class soundproofing insulation, while thermal and hydro insulation of renowned manufacturers protects the heat and provides quality to your walls. The façade is covered with FunderMax® hardened cladding panels, combined with an additional color layer thermo-insulation façade. Premium aluminum doors and windows are installed.


The building is heated by a central gas system, and easy-to-use room thermostats allow for precise control of the desired temperature during the winter months. Thanks to the heat pumps system, a centralized hot water supply makes the whole building energy efficient.

Bathroom and water fixtures

The bathroom is a space we pay particular attention to. The luxury water fixtures we use are of premium quality. However, we want to make sure that every single thing is tailored exactly to your needs. If technical conditions allow for it, during the different phases of construction of your apartment, you should be able to choose tiles, water fixtures, and other details. Our Showroom will present you with the future design of your bathroom so you can have your say when it comes to the final look and the choice of materials.

Location and parking

This location offers optimal connections with the rest of the city since it’s only a few hundred meters from Futorška street. The surrounding area offers useful amenities, childcare playrooms, and birthday party venues, as well as supermarkets.

A sufficient number of parking spaces is provided for the residence, including standard parking spots, garage spots, and private garages.

This means that you won’t have to waste your time driving around, looking for a place to park, which can prove to be quite a challenge in this part of town.

Note: the price of a parking spot is not included in the price of the apartment.

Apartment registration check and legal assistance

All the apartments are fully registered with the Republic of Serbia Real Estate Cadastre and their status is easily verifiable. During the buying process, we’ll provide you with legal assistance – making appointments with a public notary or drawing up contracts.
Certainly, it is perfectly understandable if you want your lawyer to handle all the due diligence. We’re open to cooperation and we’ll gladly provide you with everything you need to feel completely confident when making your decision.

Special perk – customization possibility!

We really do want you to get everything you want, just the way you want it, so different stages of construction provide an opportunity for you to choose bathroom materials, room doors, floor coverings, water fixtures – if technically possible, of course.
Our Showrooms will allow you to choose your tiles, and go over the current design plans for the apartments and bathrooms. Make an appointment with us and get more information.

Important details

Every apartment is equipped with an AC unit. The floors are covered with top-notch multilayer wood parquet, but you can certainly, if technically possible, opt for another type of floor coverings.
To ensure your complete safety, the residence is equipped with a high-tech security system, video surveillance, secure apartment front doors and building entrance doors.

Garage space - Parking space

In this building it is possible to buy a parking spots in the space / part of the building.