About company

For any relationship to work, trust is necessary. Since its foundation in 2007, our company has been working hard to gain and keep your trust and to make a good name for itself.

Good reputation and trustworthy brand is not easy to build.

On the territory of Novi Sad, there used to be a lot of problems and illegalities in the field of construction and real estate. Many of them exist to this day. We understand why it can be difficult for the market to trust an investor.

That is the reason why, since the very beginning, we have established 3 main rules of business: Quality, Trust, Accuracy

We can see that you have recognized that, because as many as 70% of our clients come to us through your recommendation!

If you decide to reach out to us as well, here is what you can expect:

You will be involved in the construction process.

Before and during the construction, we organize Showrooms during which you can see what is being installed in the apartment. You can choose the tiles in the bathroom, kitchen, floor coverings, room door… It is important to us that everything is tailored to your wishes, so we can make sure you get exactly what you want.

We provide free legal aid. When you purchase from us, we help you make an appointment with a notary and we make a contract for you, we facilitate and speed up the communication with banks.

We cooperate. All facilities are registered. It may not be easy to believe “the word”, so that’s why we happily cooperate with you and your lawyer during the verification.

We respect the agreement. What we agree on, we do not change later. No surprises or “don’t worry about that”. What you pay for, you get in the end. The deadline we promise you is the deadline we stick to.


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Residental building OAZA

Bulevar patrijarha Pavla street

Find the home you deserve today, in ongoing buildings, in locations that are pleasant for your life and the life of your family.

Offer a location if you own a plot of land on which there are possibilities to build a residential building and you are interested in selling it.